Who we are

Who we are

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for over 100 years

Historic 4-star
in the Dolomites

Grand Hotel des Alpes represents the history by
San Martino di Castrozza. Built around the end of the 1800s, the hotel was partially destroyed during the First and Second World War, and then has been rebuilt to become over time a symbol of
kind hospitality, tradition and elegance.
Grand Hotel des Alpes, albergo a 4 stelle storico in centro a San Martino di Castrozza
Proprietari di Grand Hotel des Alpes, Gianluca Rimondi e Letizia Colbertaldo
rimondi family

Family-run hospitality

For more than 50 years our family has run the Grand Hotel des Alpes, valuing with refinement the classic style that distinguishes it. We believe in cordiality and work passionately to satisfy our guests promptly, thanks to the professionalism of our staff.


We look forward to seeing you at
San Martino di Castrozza